A few Pictures from the DR trip

July 26, 2013


Day 6

July 25, 2013

Hello there all again.  We hope this finds you well.  We will apologize now for not posting pictures but we are having some technical difficulties.  Maybe once we are back at the guest house, we will be able to send some. 

Today was another glorious day as we set out early this morning and went to our basketball camp.  Great testimony given and then off to the church to prepare for vacation bible school.  We are very touched by the children that are singing along and doing their memory verses.  They are such a blessing.  We are going to be sad to leave them as we have made great connections with them.  After bible school, we came back to have dinner and spent some time getting organized for our last day here with the children and teens.  We are going to be very sad, and know that we have been touched and blessed by them.

We had a very nice devotion tonight and also prayed for the teen missions trip that is taking place right now.  Tomorrow is going to be a hectic day and we hope that we will be able to write tomorrow evening as we settle back in at the guest house with Bruce and Becky.  Please keep us in your prayers as we are preparing to come home in a few short days.

God Bless and Good Night!

Day 5

July 24, 2013

Good Evening all!!  Here we are again, maybe a little earlier than normal.  These days are going by fast, but we are getting a lot out of each day.  First we would like to ask you all to remember Kim Lavrinc in prayer as she is having some pain in her knees and ankle.  We have prayer over her as well, but the power of prayer really works.

Basketball camp went great today!  We won again and Wes took out the one hoop on a slam dunk!  Fixing the hoop tomorrow.  The VBS is going great!  The kids are really enjoying us and we are enjoying them.  The puppet shows have went off great with lots of laughter from all.  Some of us even did coloring pages with the children today.  It was such an amazing day and while singing the songs we could hear the children singing so loudly!  It was great!  We are off to practice for tomorrow now.  Hope you all are doing well at home and may God continue to bless us here as we serve Him.

Good night and God Bless!

Team 2013 DR

Days 3 and 4

July 23, 2013

Hello all!  We are so excited to see everything that God has in store for us here in the DR.  Sunday’s service was so beautiful with the way they welcomed us, and Mandy tried to stand up to welcome us there as well.  The service continued with some girls interpretive dancing and also with one of them singing to us in English.  Julie W., Kim, Ashley, and Carolyn all helped in part with the service singing and playing some of our familiar songs.  It was a very nice service.  We also were served great food for lunch and dinner at the compound.  Our entire team also did the zip line!  We then spent the rest of the day practicing for VBS and the week.  We ended up the evening with our devotions in the upper room.

Day 4.

Today is a new day.  We had our devotions very early and ate breakfast.  Some of us were not a fan of room temperature milk, but we continued to just go about our morning.  We picked up some of our Dominican Christian friends at the church and headed to the basketball camp.  We were so blessed that there was a little bit of shade at the school, so it made it not as bad for us on lookers.  Wes, Tyler, and Nate were all good sports in playing ball and we are proud of them.  Yes, we can say that WE WON!  But in all honesty the Lord has won!  Great testimony given today and we are blessed to be apart of this team.  We had to be flexible in our day and change our schedule for the day.  It all worked out because God used the extra time we had to help us get ready for VBS.  We enjoyed our time with all the children at VBS even though the language barrier is somewhat hard for a lot of us.  We all got out of our comfort zone, which was a great feeling!  Tonight we again practiced for tomorrow in getting ready for VBS and went to the upper room for more devotions.  After our devotions we met a cute tree frog.  Zach thought it would be great to catch it.  As it leaped off the railing it landed onto his shoulder/neck, and he panicked with a high shrill and it all the sudden landed on Cathy.  So we have Zach with the shrill and Cathy with the frog which kissed her, and she bounced into Mandy as the frog hit Zach’s foot.  Needless to say a pretty entertaining moment down here at the DR.  We also saw a big bug which made more of us shrill, but Dave chased it away.  Now as we sit here finishing for the night, it just started pouring down rain.  We hope all of you are doing well and may God bless all of us always.

God Bless!

DR Team 2013

July 21, 2013

Good Morning/afternoon.  We were having some technical difficulties last evening trying to post the blog.  So we apologize.  We want to take a moment to just say what a beautiful place we have seen.  The drive up to La Vega, was absolutely beautiful.  We have enjoyed each others company as well as learning more about each others.  Some tears and tears of joy were shared.  There is a big difference in culture and its amazing.  We are blessed to live in such a country that we are able to take hot showers.  The juice is amazing.  We went to the church to set up and tear down a puppet stage.  You might ask, how many people or how long does it take to put a puppet stage together.  The answer is we lost track.  Maybe ask your team member when we get home.  There has been a lot of leadership and everyone of us has stepped up to help when asked, and sometimes when not asked.  We are joining together as a great team!  The weather is beautiful and not too bad.  Thank you for all the continued prayers and support.  We really appreciate it!  We hope that each and everyone of you are doing well.  A special prayer request is pray for the youth that is on their missions trip going to Chicago today.  We hope that God works in their lives as He is working in ours.  God Bless you all, and much more to come.

Team 2013 DR

July 21, 2013


Day 1 of the July Missions Trip

July 20, 2013

Hello all!  We want to just thank each and everyone of you for your prayers.  We have arrived in the DR safely, but only after a very long delay at JFK.  We are glad that we finally made it here.  We look forward to a great week spreading God’s word and doing His good will.  We have had great humor with each other as the day went on.  We can’t wait to share with each and everyone of you what God is doing in our lives while we are away.  Please continue to pray for us as we embrace this week.  May God bless each and everyone of you while we are here.  Much love from the DR team 2013.

Good Night.


DR missions Trip July 2013

July 2, 2013

ImageHello everyone.  We hope that this finds you well.  In a few short weeks we will be leaving you all and going to the Dominican Republic to serve the Lord.  Like some of us, we have already experienced the culture and have seen what God wants to do in our lives.  And others in our group its our first time.  I can assure you that no matter what, God has called all of us to embark on this adventure as a team.  We look forward to doing many things while we are there such as doing a vacation bible school, a basketball camp, and also doing some first aid with all that are involved.  Please keep us in your prayers for our safety there and coming home.  Also pray for our families that we are leaving back here.  Most importantly know that God has a purpose for all of us and that we may learn more about Him through all the lives that we touch as we are in our travels.  Thank you and God Bless you All.

In Him,

Our Team: DR Trip July 2013

Back row: Zach, Tyler, Nathan, Wes, Cathy, and Julie

Front row: Dave, Mandy, Pastor Marvin, Ashley, Julie, Carolyn, and Kim

Day 8 Leisure Day

November 17, 2012

The day started with a later devotion time and breakfast. We then got ready to go to the beach. The beach was an hour or so away so more traveling, yeah!!! The beach was awesome, it was 82 degrees and sunny. Mary Jo, Michael II, Brian, Dave and Lori went snorkeling. El Chucko Millet and I(Mike Trout) had a deep personal conversation. Brianna, Pastor Marvin and Laura enjoyed the water together. We ate some awesome french fries and drank some funny tasting coca cola. Finally we boarded the bus where we ate tuna or PBJ sandwiches, potato chips and cookies.

We then headed to the market which was some more traveling. (about a half hour) There we purchased some small mementos to take home. Dave found a Harley Davidson shirt. Mike II and Mary Jo each got something big which I won’t mention because it’s a surprise. I got a hat which anyone who knows me knows what it says on it. We all got what we wanted and bargained very hard for it. Some of us got others to bargain for us. (me)

We then returned home and got ready for our surprise. We had to dress up and we knew it included food because we had not eaten dinner. So we travelled a long way and arrived at a fine restaurant. It had a country theme to it and there were merengue dancers performing the whole time. As we ate we saw the dancers pulling men and women up to the floor to dance never realizing our turn would come. Lori, Brianna, Mary Jo, Pastor Marvin, Brian and I got our chance as they pulled us to the dance floor. Brianna even got called up a second time to use a hoola hoop. Dave and Brian got to play instruments and it was so much fun as we clapped along.

Finally we came home and had a short devotion before me writing this blog. Pictures will be forthcoming. Again, Thank you Jesus and thank you prayer partners for your support.

Day 7 Labor Day 3.5

November 16, 2012

Today started out with devotions and breakfast. We then headed off to our last day of work at the San Francisco Alliance Church. We mixed and carried some more mecla(cement). Mecla is a word that will be in our nightmares for months to come. We also carried some tile and cleaned some tile.

The highlight of our last day of work was the prayer. We went around and asked each worker what they wanted us to pray for once returning to the USA. They were gracious and humbled with our requests. They had many requests but many of them had to do with them having good health to work and family. We ended our work day around noon by circling up with the workers and praying in both languages. It was awesome and very powerful as the Holy Spirit was ever-present.

We then gathered up our work gear and some chairs and headed to the Pastor’s home. Pastor Manuel and his wife Natalia had us over for lunch with their family. The food was delicious and the hospitality tremendous. What great examples of being good brothers and sisters in Christ. They really opened up their home to us and we felt very welcomed there as if we were at home. It has been an honor to serve God and this church.

We then made a 3 hour trip from San Francisco to La Vega to Santo Domingo. We are now back at our guest house where we started our adventure.   During diner, Brianna begin giving everyone nicknames.  The list is as follows:

Brianna: Cutie, Chuck: trouble maker; Lore: Wisdom; Lora: instigator; Mary Jo: scapegoat; Brian: knowledge; Mike Sr: Ego “ratatouille”; Mike Jr: huggie bear; Dave: The Protector; Pastor Marvin: antagonist; Bruce: The Professor; Becky: tour guide Barbie

After eating a fabulous dinner we headed off to the store. We exchanged money and then went to a supermarket. I won’t say what we bought because some people may be getting a surprise. Lets just say they have great coffee in the Dominican Republic.

We then returned to the guest house and settled back in. We then had an incredible devotions as we prayed and sang. We prayed for each of the workers and the issues they presented for prayer. It was amazing to pray for these guys, most of which probably do not know the Lord. They were certainly impressed with our offering to pray for them. Some of them responded as though they had never been prayed for before in their lives. So we were honored to do so.


We feel so blessed and honored to have come on this mission. It would not have been possible without our Lord, the Holy Spirit and your support. We are forever grateful for this opportunity and hope you continue to pray for our safe return. By the way we are all sore but basically healthy and definitely happy.